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Whether you use your bike daily for the commute or wait for the weekends to speed down the hills in the countryside, our bicycle repair shop will keep you 100% roadworthy. At Kalika Cycle Stores, our team of enthusiasts are on-hand to help you pump your tyres, oil your gears, adjust your saddle or perform more complex repairs. What makes us special is our passion – we're all committed riders located in the local area, so contact us through our booking form today – we know what you need.

Pick Up and Drop Off

We know it can be a pain bringing a rickshaw in for a service – you bring it in, and you’re stranded without a rickshaw. That’s why we now offer a pick up and drop off option on our rickshaw servicing. We’ll come to you, put your rickshaw in our van, do a thorough service in our workshop, before returning your rickshaw to your home when the job is done. Simple.

Seasonal Bicycle Repair

Winter is coming – is your bike ready? Now is the perfect time of year to book your trusty bike in for a full service. Book your bike in for a service at our workshop and we will run a comprehensive safety check to ensure your bike is ready to deal with whatever weather the winter has in store for us. We even have spare bikes you can borrow if you need to whilst we are working on yours.


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